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Friday, April 23rd, 2004
7:49 pm - Yes I am bored....
Birthdate: March 5th
Birthplace: Detmold in Germany
Location: Japan
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: changing quite often, some dark brown reddish thing at the moment
Right or Left Hand: right
Zodiac Sign: cant remember the english word for it....
Innie or Outtie: Innie

-- The shoes you wore today: my black school shoes
-- Your eyes: still blue?
-- Your weakness(es): shoes!!!
-- Your fears: to be sent home before july? at the moment...
-- One thing you'd like to achieve: speak Japanese really fluently and read all the freaking Kanji

-- Your thoughts first waking up: today...I`m not gonna get up.....maybe
-- The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: I love dark eyes, like a deeeeep brown
-- Your best physical feature: my face
-- Your bedtime: around midnight
Your greatest accomplishment:

coke or pepsi: lemon tea
-- McDonald's or Burger King: neither
-- Single or group dates: Single!!!
-- Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
-- Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee
-- Bras or Panties: Bras

-- Smoke: nop
-- Cuss: it happens occasionly
-- Take a shower everyday: yes
-- Have a crush(es): maybe
-- Who are they: it`s only one guy
-- Do you think you've been in love?: Yes
-- Want to go to college: yes
-- Want to get married: yes
-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: nah not really, people keep trying to teach me though
-- Believe in yourself: yeah
-- Get motion sickness: no
-- Think you're attractive: sometimes
-- Think you're a health freak: not really
-- Get along with your parents: yes
-- Like thunderstorms: as long as I`m inside
-- Play an instrument: just did

-- Age you hope to be married: 25 maybe, not earlier
-- Numbers and Names of Children: 2, one is probably going to be named Maximilian
-- How do you want to die?: while I`m asleep
-- What do you want to be when you grow up: a lawyer
-- What country would you most like to visit?: at the moment....France

-- Best eye color: brown
-- Best hair color: dark though sometimes blond guys are cute too
-- Short or long hair: short
-- Best weight: bigger than me
-- Best first date location: hm...ice skating? (sorry to steel Kirsi)
-- Best first kiss location: in the snow

-- Number of boyfriends/girlfriends you've had: three
-- Number of kisses you've given: a lot
-- Number of drugs taken illegally: None
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: 5 maybe 6
-- Number of CDs that I own: never counted
-- Number of piercing: 2
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: too often
-- Number of scars on my body: 5 I can think of
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: 2

-- Wearing: jeans, pink tank top and a white pullover
-- Drinking: ichigo miruku
-- Thinking about: my love
-- Listening to: some german singer

-- Cried: no
-- Worn jeans: twice
-- Met someone new online: not really
-- Done laundry: i never do
-- Drove a car: nope
-- Talked on the phone: too much

-- Do you ever wish you had another name?: definitely!!!
-- Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: no
-- Do you like anyone?: yes
-- Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: I don`t know, Sarah maybe not really though
-- Who have you known the longest of your friends?: Nathaly since I was three
-- Are you close to any family member?: yeah
-- Who do you hang around the most?: nic and yuki
-- When have you cried the most: like last summer? prolly
-- What's the best feeling in the world?: have fun with your friends
-- Worst Feeling?: loneliness
-- What time is it now?: 20.07

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Friday, April 16th, 2004
10:45 pm - natsukashiiiiiiii
Today I went to Isawa (a town nearby) with Sugihara sensei (my english teacher) because they had a delegation coming from Germany. It was SOOOOOOOOO great to finally have a real conversation in german again. Like not on the phone and not with japanese people trying to speak german but a real one. I met a bunch of nice people including a girl that`s half japanese and half german and lives (believe it or not) in Kofu!!!! Hahahaha, I`ll have a new friend. But the best thing about the evening was that I was able to translate all the time. Like from Japanese to German and back without problems and everyone understood me. Yay, I finally did get the language (I know it`ll never be as good as Kirsi`s but still). I`m really proud of myself and so is Sugihara sensei. She said without me she wouldn`t have been able to join the conversation at our table though her English is really good. She said she was really proud of me and the improve of my Japanese especially considering the fact that when I came I barely understood a word.
So yeah, I`m a happy little german *jumps around and smiles and feels less stupid*

current mood: satisfied

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Monday, April 12th, 2004
10:22 pm - Excuse me?

Today I got a phone call from this japanese man asking whether my dad was around. That was already a little strange, because the guy called MY cell phone but I thought yeah whatever and just politely replied I didn`t know where my dad was. The man got really angry at me and started lecturing me on how I shouldn`t pick the phone up when I didn`t know where my dad was. I got pretty pissed because first of all, he called MY keitai; second, I think it`s really stupid to not pick up your OWN phone up only because you don`t know where one of your eight host dads is at that very moment and third, if he wanted to talk to my dad, why didn`t he call HIM??????? There are some weird people out there...........

current mood: confused

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Sunday, April 11th, 2004
7:08 pm - What a girl wants

Saturday was the Shingen something matsuri (a festival for the founder of Yamanashiken) and it was soooooooo funny. I started around four with my dad, watched all the people lining up for the parade and went to the castle (????) ruins. It was so amazing to see everyone dressed up as samurais and stuff. Fortunately my dad knew a bunch of people so I got to take pictures with the generals. They were really nice. We then picked Nic up at the station and went down the road to see the parade which was just about to be started. Unfortunately I`m not the tallest person on earth (not even in Japan) so I couldn`t see too much. After my dad left Nic and me went further down and found a space where there was no people so we could watch perfectly. It also was the spot where the different groups gathered before joining the parade, so we got to talk to him. It was really funny like every time a new group walked up there was a bunch of (young, hot) guys walking to Nic and me chatting for a while and sharing their gratis sake with us lol. After a while we decided to get something to eat so we went to Paseo and then back to the eki to take purikura. We were a little late so the eki shops were already closed but instead we saw two gaijin and one of them looked really good.......though Nic wouldn`t agree and blamed it on me not wearing glasses. We met them again later on and since I wanted to stalk (shame on me) we had to go to MacDonald`s. Neither Nic nor me were really hungry so I just bought a drink and stared at the boys. We also followed them into the eki where I would drop my drink (see I didn`t REALLY need it, but it would have looked weird if we went into MacDonald`s without buying anything). Nic took a picture of me, my drink and the two boys (in the background). They left though and we decided to go back to Paseo for Purikura. On the way there we met Johnson (?) who was kinda annoying and following us and so I gave him my number to make him go away. He was really weird. Now he keeps calling and mailing me and I keep ignoring his calls *hopes to not run into him again on her own*
Later we finally got our purikura and went home


Friday nightCollapse )

current mood: amused

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Thursday, April 8th, 2004
7:59 pm - YES!!!!!
Finally got back to school (yes, spring break`s over) and found out they didn`t put me and my friends in the same homeroom which is kinda sad. I would have liked to stay with them. Instead,I`m having the same teacher as last year which is ok and the new class seems to be friendly. There are some people I don`t like (like the one girl from my old french class) but altogether they seem to be cool. I also talked to Yuki a lot and she`s trying to convince me to get back to tennis practice again. I really don`t know about that though. I mean it would be nice and definitely good for me (yes, I did gain weight) but I don`t know, I`d see someone I might not want to see quite often. I just don`t know.
Other than that I moved back to my favourite host family after spending my entire vacation with them. I don`t exactly know where the sudden change of mind came from. Maybe the current family finally noticed I didn`t like them after I didn`t come home for 12 days, maybe the "official" reason (my host mum being sick) is true (she only caught a cold though) or it`s something else. However, I`m glad to have another great ten days before moving again. The next family seems to be ok though, they have a nice (clean!!!!!) house and seem to be nice people. They also have two cute little grandchildren and a son who`s 20-something (the grandchildren are his sister`s kids)

Today was yasumi because of nyuugakkushiki and till next week I won`t have any classes, only sitting around and stuff so I didn`t get my new schedule yet. I really hope it includes OCB and French though, they were two of my favourites....
What I already know is I will have to do Kokugo (Japanese for Nihonjin) and some other classes I will barely understand but that`s gonna be ok. Like my free lessons were cut down to one a week from one a day, but I can think of Kokugo as a free lesson since I won`t be able to participate anyway.

current mood: grateful

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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
9:45 pm - drank 3 liter orange juice.....lol
Wah, great weekend. I went to Tokyo again (the third weekend in a row but with my mum this time) and met Beaver and went shopping. I just love the city so much, if I should ever live in Japan again that would be in Tokyo with no doubt.
Also, I haven`t seen my present host family for eight days in a row (hihi). I don`t want to be mean, I just don`t like them. And I really don`t understand why they still don`t get the message. Well, their problem.
I just checked on german news and found this: From September 2004 the fingerprints of every tourist traveling to the US without biometric informations on his/her passport will be taken. Sorry to say, but that`s really gay. Because it means if I want to visit Kirsi and Ann I will have my fingerprints taken like a criminal. That`s just not very cool. Maybe I don`t want to go there anymore, the government is not doing very much to prove the prejudices europeans have against america are wrong ne. I`m just gonna be pissed about it for a while, and then come to visit you guys anyway, but still it`s hilarious. Like as if every f******* tourist was a terrorist, that`s a bit ridiculous *shakes head*

current mood: refreshed

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Thursday, April 1st, 2004
7:21 pm - Summertime
Somehow I missed the change to Summer time in Germany.....why? But good they have it again, it`s easier to call everyone now (yay yay yay)

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6:54 pm - Update dahdidah
Spent last Sunday in Tokyo (again)which was a really sudden decision. Like Saturday night around 1 my mum was like* Hey you wanna go to Tokyo tomorrow* and so I went. I had a great time (as always) just hanging out with Andy and Beaver.

On Monday and Tuesday I went to Shizuoka to meet Kirsi, Ann and Nicky which was really funny. We went to a party at Ann`s teacher`s house and met Yuusuke and Koichi and some of the girls. It was really funny, to see them again, especially since Koichi sang for us again. And this time I might even be able to not delete the video ne.... Kirsi sang the whole time too and was genki as always (I miss her so much over here).
After the party we went to Ann`s Rotary meeting (we were just a little late (about 40 minutes) and after the meeting we went Karaoke with Ann`s dad and some other rotarians. It was really good.....

The next day we just went shopping and got to "the store". It really IS good, I got a bunch of nice cds I wanted for nearly no money lol. Than we went back to the eki to say bye to Nic who left to Tokyo. Unfortunately it was raining a little bit, but we could find a taxi. Stil we reached the eki being totally wet and after saying bye and buying food with Kirsi and Ann I figured that I had lost my (Ann`s) money. It`s something strange about this, that everytime I`m with those two I seem to loose money hahaha. So I had to take local trains, went to Fuji and found out that the next train wouldn`t leave until two hours later. So there I was completely wet and with no money stuck in Fuji....great. LUckily, I had a book and found a cafe to get myself a coffee and after three hours on another train I finally reached Kofu Tuesday night. My last host dad picked me up at the station and told me I`d stay over at their place (yay) and last night my mum decided to let me stay longer (yay yay).

Not much about the last two days, so yeah

current mood: indifferent

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Monday, March 22nd, 2004
7:29 pm - singing in the rain....
It`s raining. And snowing. And those little ice balls which I don`t know the appropriate english word for are there as well. That`S really no weather for riding a bike home from school, I`m soaking through and through. It`s those days when you wonder why you spent 20 minutes drying your hair though it`s obviously pointless because by the time you have been out of the house for longer than 3 seconds it`ll be completely wet anyway.
When I got to school I was super tired, wearing no make up (that happens, especially when you sleep in) and being completely wet when they told we had to take yearbook pictures. Aren`t Mondays great?
It got better though, school finished at 11.30 and I went Karaoke with Mai which was fun. Now, I finally managed to dry and rest for a bit....three more days till spring break!!!

current mood: tired

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Saturday, March 20th, 2004
12:59 am - yay for long weekends

after this "super busy" wendesday I decided to have a "really bad" headache on Thursday and therefor didn`t go to school. In stead I slept all day. Friday was off and I spent the day with Nicky, came back to my last hosts house at around five and was told I was staying over till Monday. The weekend couldn`t have started better!

I also found out that living in a non-rotarian family doesn`t make things easier cause they actually manage to be even more worried (no idea how they do that, but well). I`m not allowed to stay over at a non-rotarian house. Therefor, technically I shouldnt be allowed to stay at my new family`s house either ne....interesting thought.


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current mood: grateful for what I have

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004
10:50 pm - isogashiiiiiiiiiii
wow, this was a weird day alltogether. Got up around eight to find out we had a two day sports thing at school starting today (why did no one tell me? or maybe I just didn`t listen very well). Anyway got to school, played volleyball, won the games with the team (yay) and remembered I had Rotary. First I was like screw them but then I decided to go. So since we had at least 20 degrees I decided to stop at my last host family`s to get changed (I was still wearing my sweater and winter seifuku) and went to the meeting. It was actually pretty cool, I met the mayor who`s a nice guy. After the meeting my counselor wanted to talk to me so he took me to this cafe thingy with two other rotarians (which kept me from going back to school). After the talking and everything one of the rotarians decided to take me see his daughter in law and her twins in Yamanashi, so we went there by car, met everyone, went to an onsen and then got back to Kofu around 5.30. Then the rotarian wanted me to have dinner with him but I had already promised my first family to eat with them. So at around 6 I went to have dinner with my first family and it turns out were going to a party and karaoke afterwards. Meanwhile my present hosts are searching me, my last hosts are searching me and my 8th hosts are searching me too and no one get through coz ive no reception....

So at around ten I get back to the last hosts to pick up my seifuku, go back to Tokiwa hotel where I left my bike after rotary and go to my present hosts, call my host no. 5,1 and 8 updating everyone/telling them I arrived home safe and now I`m dead.

The funniest thing was that no one ever really told me the exact plans so half of the time I didn`t even know where I was going....

current mood: busy

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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
12:04 pm - *EDIT*
Hm, maybe I am complaining a bit too much. If that is true I`m sorry. Maybe I should just try to get along with them and accept the fact that it can`t be great all the time. I guess that`s what I`ll do anyway because it was me who decided to come here and stay here so I think I should just accept the consequences included.

Sorry again.

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Monday, March 15th, 2004
9:12 pm - left alone...
OK, I will try to write a short version of what happened during the last days:

SO, I got to this family and obviously I really don`t like it here. I actually even went to my last family for just brushing my teeth and taking a shower cause I couldn`t stand the bathroom in this house. Don`t get this wrong, this is not me being spoiled, but it smells really bad. Fortunately I had a good day out with Nicky and her families and went out for dinner with my last mum and her. In the evening my last mum convinced the new family to let me stay over at the last house (good) and today I used my time talking to the "right" people asking whether I could switch families once more. Of course they wanted to have reasons so I told them and after two hours they were promising me I could get out of this family within a week. What I didn`t know though was that they called my new family, told them everything (how could they) and the new family convinced them to let me stay at their house, because I was "a daughter" to them. This is just wrong. Now I have to stay with a family I don`t like (that could be ok in a certain situation) that also knows I don`t like them (this is definitely NOT ok). It is nice, they like me that much and already talk about me as their daughter (they have known me for three days, I must be a really nice person) and it is also nice my sister loves me "because she just looks so great" but this are NO reasons to make me stay there against my will. If you think about it and turn it the other way round, that a family would refuse to host someone because he or she looks ugly, everybody would get really angry with them. I think it is not about whether someone looks good or not but about whether everyone is comfortable and FEELS ok about it. If these are their criteria for loving a person ok, but I don`t share them.

So the situation is, that I will have to stay here the full time (which is four weeks at least), though the family I will have to stay with knows I don`t want to and though my Rotary Club knows I don`t want to, only because I`m such a cute little german. This is (in my opinion) definitely NOT what furthers the understanding for each other or gives me a good feeling. It might not seem as bad but ain`t it generally wrong to judge on a person by looks?

Finally, I`m going to post this now, hoping that I will make it through the next month without giving up for I really don`t want to end what has been a great experience so far that soon....

current mood: hopeless

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Tuesday, March 9th, 2004
10:02 am
I gave in....and dyed my hair brown. It doesnt look too good, I liked the blond a lot better. And my hair is kinda damaged after all the colouring. "I learned something fro life" as my teacher said. "20.000Yen too late" as my other teacher said.

current mood: discontent

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Monday, March 8th, 2004
2:58 pm
I`m really pissed with certain people around me. Like they pretend to care about me but the truth is they are just being stupid, selfish and arrogant. Like how does it help me to move every freaking week? Actually I`m sure they know that what they are doing is wrong. Because when I complained about it, they just told me to shut up (not literally but yeah) because if it was that bad why wouldn`t I just go home? I`m so pissed! And I don`t want to go to the new family. If it`s true and I have to share the room I really don`t know where to put all my stuff. Like even me alone in a japanese room doesn`t leave enough space for all my things how should that work with two people???? I`m scared to go there today, I really don`t want to.... but doesn`t look like I would have much of a choice ne?

I love my present family. They are nice and caring and UNDERSTANDING. And they love me too! WHich is quite the best thing about it. I haven`t felt like this ever since I came to Japan, it`s like I finally found a place I could call home and now I`m not allowed to stay??? Theres definitely something wrong about that....!

current mood: sad

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2:35 pm - japanese schools....

So I got my hair blond again on Thursday. And it looks really nice. But since I came to school this morning, it has been really bad. Because my teacher was close to a heart attack when he saw me and even though my natural haircolour is a lot closer to blond than to brown he said it was super dame! He was pretty mad at me for colouring it and screaming a bit and bitching around about changing it back. Then he suspended me from classes and said if I wouldn`t change it back to a darker colour I`d be completely suspended from school. It`s not that I would mind that much, I don`t have anything to do this week anyway, but I guess my RC wouln`t be too pleased. So I had to promise to change it today. I`m like wtf, I spent 2man yen on it and it will only last for 5 days???? Really, this is not cool.... I was blond before I came to Japan, my application picture is blond too. Why can`t it be blond now????

current mood: bitchy

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2:33 pm - TOKYO!!!!!!

Wow, I spent my birthday in Tokyo!!! yay!!!!


TokyoCollapse )

current mood: happy

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Sunday, February 29th, 2004
10:54 pm - ?????
So, I moved to my next family today which is lovely and really cool, I want to stay here forever..... but as I had to find out I`m only staying for a week because my hostbrothers has problems with his teacher who put pressure on my club so that they wouldn`t let me stay here....WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?????????????

My number of hostfamilies therefor turned eight (!!!!!) but at least they felt kinda bad about what happened (they better would) so they`ll let me go to Tokyo for my birthday next weekend! God, I`m too tired to update everything now, more ashita ne

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004
8:40 pm - yay yay yay
Wow, just came back from Rotary where I had to make this huge speech for about 30 minutes in JAPANESE!!!! But it all went fine. When I got up to where I had to make it I realized that one page of my concept was missing but that was ok because it was the one talking about my life in Japan and I could just talk about it without concept. Wow again, I`m so proud of myself. Plus no more speeches from now on except for goodbye ones. And a speech contest in June but that`s enough time to practice till then! And my Rotary Club thought it was good too! yay! I feel relieved now!

current mood: relieved

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Monday, February 23rd, 2004
9:44 am - I`m dead

Wow, this was so awesome!!!! I still can`t believe how we survived this all, but yeah. I love you all, this was the best trip ever!


Ski tripCollapse )

current mood: hyper

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